Responsible Renting

Responsible Hosting & Renting

We encourage renters to think carefully and understand their responsibilities. Renting on Storedby does require a certain level of commitment. Below are some additional ways that you can be a responsible host!*


What can I do to make my storage safe in the space?

Minimize Hazards

  • Hazards

As a renter, you must fully disclose whether there is anything potentially harmful to the Host or may become harmful; (i.e. glass). 

  • Space-Proofing

Ensure your storage is safe from animals, children, or anything or anyone else that may have access to space. You should notify hosts of potential hazards.


Be mindful of the hosts; neighbors

  • Building Rules

Ask your renter if there are any specific rules in accordance with your neighborhood to be mindful of neighbors.

  • Parking

Ensure you are in accordance with parking and space rules for the space.

  • Noise

Please keep noise down. 

  • House Rules

It is encouraged that you follow house rules to maintain safety and minimize disturbance. 

  • Permissions

Whom should I notify that I am hosting on Storedby?

  • Contracts

If there are additional rules that you would like to address with the Host, please detail them with the host and provide messages between both parties on the Storedby platform confirming such additions to the transacitons.

General Regulations

What local regulations apply to me?

  • Taxes

Ensure you look up any local taxes or business license requirements that may apply. This may include things like occupancy tax, sales, and other turnover taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST), or income tax. Taxes can be complicated, and you should take time to understand the rules as they apply to you and your particular situation.

  • Insurance

What insurance should I get to cover my items?

  • Basic Coverage

Review your renters or homeowners policy with your insurance carrier to make sure you have adequate coverage.

  • Liability

Ensure you have adequate liability coverage as well as property protection.

*Please note that Storedby has no control over the conduct of Hosts nor Renters and disclaims all liability. Failure of Hosts to satisfy their responsibilities may result in suspension of activity or removal from the Storedby website.