Why Host?

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Start by creating your listing by clicking "List Your Space." Think of a listing like a profile page for your space.

What makes up a listing?

As the host, you are in control, you set the rules. You fill out the description, you take and upload photos, you select how frequent a renter can access, and you pick a price. Your accurate listing helps potential renters understand the details of your space.

Who can request your space?

Potential renters can send a reservation request. As a host, you can either approve or reject the request based on the needs of the renter. We encourage users to have higher levels of verification on their Storedby profile! 

Renters review and request space

If your listing appropriately fits the needs of a potential renter, you will receive a reservation request and a message from the renter! 

Message your renters

Messaging online and via the platform helps you get to know renters and answer any questions.

Plan for check-in

Some hosts meet renters in person to connect and to showcase the space to be rented; others meet at the day of check-in. You choose what works for you.

Welcome your renter

Depending on the type of space being rented, many hosts connect with the renters on the day of check-in! 


Make sure that the space is all ready for the renter to check-in their belongings! 

How Renters Pay

Storedby handles all of the payments - you will never have to deal directly with cash! Renters get charged before they arrive! 

Potential Earnings

Hosts are currently earning the following for their empty spaces in your area.

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